Online auctions

A B2B Online auction is a sale for the maximum price. Only loged-in and registered users can bid. The terms and conditions and the special conditions in online auctions prevail the sequence of all parties involved.

Because online auctions can last several days, we offer you a personal bid agents. This is a kind of personal electronic assistant that takes over bidding in your absence. For more information, see our terms and conditions / FAQ

The individual items are sold in the state where they are at the time of the online auction. The sale is from that location.

Bases for such online auctions is often that one does not know market price and liquidity of the customer. If one sets too high a price, he cannot sell his wares. Putting a price set too low, he won’t realise the possible revenue. The bidders on the other hand know their willingness to pay. In this situation, the online auction gives the auctioneer a flexible pricing mechanism that ideally leads to sales at the current market price and in best case bails out the willingness to pay of customers.

We offer following services additionally:
Storage capacity for the auctioned goods, free delivery within the EU, supporting the case of deliveries abroad, as well as customs clearance.

of TLS.

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